Photo Credit: Gary Gold Image: Sunday Symphony for Families Photo Credit: Gary Gold | Image: Violinist in Action!
Photo Credit: Gary Gold | Image: Children on the Balcony at The Palace Theater in Albany
Sunday Symphony for Families | All Photos: Gary Gold


Educational programs for the children and young families of the Capitol District.

The 21 year old TINY TOTS concert series is geared for preschool to first grade audiences. The concerts reach approximately 1,500 children per year. These classical repertoire concerts take place in Albany and Saratoga, twice each morning during a week in May. Vanguard provides partial transportation fees for some needy schools to bring the children to the concert and provides financial support toward the concert venue rental. Reserve tickets for your tots by clicking the Tiny Tots registration form available earlier in 2013. Tiny Tots concert details will also be available earlier in 2013 on ALBANY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WEBSITE.

The SUNDAY SYMPHONY FOR FAMILY CONCERTS introduce families to the wonders of classical and symphonic music. In addition to assisting the audience the Vanguard ushers provide music-related educational activities before the concert and during the concert's intermission for the attending children. For concert details click Sunday Symphony Concerts.

The MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR STUDENTS is a program launched and financially sponsored by Vanguard. The aim of the program is to give the gift of music to students at public schools in the Capital District. Working with the music programs in the local schools, Vanguard collects ”little used” musical instruments, repairs them as needed and donates them to the participating school programs.

Contact Georgiana Panton at 518.286.3881 for instruments donation and pick-up.


Membership Support - Making a Difference.

VANGUARD SCHOLARSHIPS are study grants awarded to individual members of the ASO. Musicians seeking grants complete a grant application detailing the scope and details of the desired study. The applications are then reviewed by the Music Director and Personnel Manager of the ASO, and the grants are awarded at the Vanguard Annual Meeting. Study grants enable orchestra members to continue to develop their talents and skills and enhance the orchestra as a whole. Each year Vanguard awards scholarships to five ASO musicians.

OTHER ORCHESTRA SUPPORT Vanguard provides refreshments for the ASO musicians at rehearsals and during concert intermission, housing and transportation to out-of-town orchestra guest performers, composers and musicians and sponsors the end of concert season" Thank you" party for ASO musicians and Vanguard ushers.